Ignite Welcomes Clayton Small

Ignite proudly welcomes Clayton Small to our team through the DoD Skillbridge program. With a distinguished 28-year career in the Air Force, encompassing both enlisted and officer roles, Clay brings extensive expertise in Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations. Beginning as an enlisted maintainer on A-10 attack aircraft, he ascended to become an Electronic Warfare Officer on the EC-130H Compass Call aircraft after receiving his commission in 2000. Clay’s leadership in combat zones like Iraq and Afghanistan, coupled with his graduation from prestigious courses like the USMC Weapons and Tactics Instructor course and the USAF Weapons School, underscore his remarkable contributions to the military.

Throughout his career, Clay has led airmen across tactical, operational, and strategic levels, accruing vast knowledge of cyber operations and operations in the information environment during his tenure with the Joint Staff.

Now, as Clay embarks on his journey with Ignite as an intern under the Skillbridge program, he continues to serve the DoD by addressing critical challenges across multiple mission areas. During this time, he will acquire essential insights into defense contracting, business management, finance, and human resources, vital for effectively managing diverse portfolios.

His profound expertise in EMSO and cyber promises to enrich both IGNITE and the Department of Defense, as Clay transitions into a new uniform.


Welcome to the team, Clay!